[Bugs] Standalone only runs on main display, NDI output doesn't work

I have been testing different ways to integrate Notch with Resolume and I discovered some bugs and limitations along the way (I am on PLE

[ol]Standalone applications don’t run on an output device other than what is set as the main display. Even if I set it in the setup dialog and set the standalone to only run on the other gpu from Nvidia Control Panel, it still doesn’t work. To get around this, I have been switching my main display in the Windows Display Settings to the display I need, opening the standalone and then switching it back to my original display

NDI Output doesn’t work in the standalone.[/ol]


The Spout Sender can only have one instance at a time. If you have two standalones with spout output open at the same time, they flicker between each other.

NDI does not allow for two streams at the same time either.

Are these bugs and limitations only in PLE?