Main editor , resource browser and propert editor in one window?

Hi, i just upgraded my notch machine. just downloaded the latest build.
i use mac pro 5.1 with windows 10 on it equipped with amd radeon rx580 and four monitors.

Somehow I can t get notch to show the resource browser, the property editor and the main editor window on one screen. I have looked extensively in the manual but i can ‘t find a solution.
Used to have all the windows in one layout but every time i select the main editor in the view menu , it shows up full screen and covers the property editor and resource browser.

It must be some keycombination of shortcut or setting I am not aware of.

Restarting with notch after a pause so it could be i have a blind spot …

Hope someone knows what i need to do to get my workpace lay out back.

Thanks a lot

Hey there, do you have the viewpoints ticked within the View tab?

You can find the View tab at the top of the Notch UI

Hi , yes i have them ticked.
Have the feeling it is something with my gpu using 4 monitors.
Config issue i guess.

Detaching two monitors solved it.

Hey Macho,

Yeh that sounds weird - we’ll give it a go at the office next week any let you know if we can replicate this.

What resolution are those monitors? Are they all the same make?



Hi Ryan, i have a 4k 40 inch attached to hdmi port. An apple 30 inch to the dvi and two 23 inch apple monitors to the displayports of the RX580. I id notice that dragging with the mouse on the bottom corner of the property window or resource window showed some strange lag. It looked like the gpu could not handle that properly.
When i take off the 40 inch and the 23 inch i do not get that lag. I was able to create my preferred lay out.
Will test today if restarting notch with 4 monitors allows me to use the saved layout.

Afer arranging the windows with 2 monitors connected, i could use the saved layout with 4 screens connected after a restart.

When using 3 or 4 monitors i can not choose my third and fourth window to display notch. With my previous gpu I could not do that either with notch.
I would very much like Notch to have the abiity to work with 4 preferably even 5 monitors.
So properrty window , resource window, timeline window, main editor window each can have it s own monitor. :pray:

I also have a beamer connected sometimes on the fifth output of my rx580…just a future update hint /suggestion…:slight_smile:

Edit update: Just noticed the difference in behaviour between ple and builder. In PLE only two monitors avaible for full screen playback. In builder three monitors…
My 4k monitor ( 4 ) and my beamer (5) can not be adressed…