Interface issue


I’m having issues with some panels covering the view port :frowning:

This maybe due to the fact I was running it on my laptop (screen turned off) with an external monitor that is 3840x1600 but now I am using it just on the laptop screen 1920x1080 and some of the panels are super wide.

If I undock the properties/resource panel I can get the view port to display but if I dock them anywhere in the top half they cover over all the panels that are there.

I have tried resetting the layout but that doesn’t fix it.

I have also tried uninstall/reinstalling the latest version and that didn’t help.

All projects I try and open have the same issue.

Hello Vjzoo,

It could be related to your Windows scaling, I made you a preset on 1920x1080 screen, drop it to your Documents>Notch>Notch Layouts. And call it out via view tab > load layout in Notch.

Armin (1013 Bytes)

Thanks heaps, it has fixed the issue :slight_smile:

I have my windows scaling at 100%, if it’s set to anything else it stuffs up other applications we use as well.