Widescreen monitors

Just wondering if anyone has any feedback on how well Notch’s UI does on an ultra widescreen monitor? Tempted but it won’t be worth it if I can’t spread my UI out properly…

I have 38" curved
It took a while to get used to
But now super happy.
I split it and use it as two monitors.
So I can see Notch output separately. And its literaly conected to my PC with two cabels. In general on monitor there are options for 3 video inputs
So my laptop can also be connected and the mouse can be shared with the application with the ability to transfer files using drag and drop
So I have kinda 3 monitors in one body and have fast switch betwen 4 diferent otions. Can see my laptop and pc, only laptop, only pc with 1 monitor and same pc with 2 monitors. Really helpful and flexible. 2 inputs from 1 pc is very nice for running TD and Notch separately. In this case they are sharing GPU better.
There are no any problems with Notch UI in any configuration.
But some other programs have it some time. UI of Synethtesia Live for example.

Perfect thanks for that!