Is it worth to get a drawing pad for Notch?

I’ve been thinking of getting a drawing tablet to use it with notch software.
I’m wondering if i really need one? would it make sense for me to get one?
in addition, If you know a graphic tablet that works well with notch, it would be great if you could recomend me one.

Hey there,

You can enable tablet support in File > Preferences.

Here’s a quicktip explaining in a tad more detail.

For my personal rig, I have a standard 1080p monitor alongside a Huion Kamvas 16 as my secondary monitor. I use it for sculpting projects I end up importing into Notch - I don’t tend to use it within Notch Builder, though! Your milage may vary.

I would love to hear more from the community about this. I know there’s a few people who have tried pen supports in the past.