Camera source

I have a client that wants to get an external HD camera source to process the live image.
How do you get the input into the notch machine?
Do you need a third party video capture card?
Is it possible to do this on a laptop?
It would be a standalone setup. We are not using D3. It would be switched on via PIP in Pandora


Greetings! Notch Standalone supports direct video input via DirectShow and Media Foundation compatible devices. The Datapath Vision SDI2/4 have been used by multiple customers.

I see no reason why you can’t use a laptop as long as the laptop has a sufficiently powerful GPU and the capture device is DirectShow / Media Foundation.

Please note that the video source needs to be Progressive not Interlace and Standalone only supports a single video input.

For more information see:

Thanks Luke!

We met back in December in NY at D3 offices

Pitching my first Notch project, so I’m still a bit rusty.


When I enable the camera in the laptop Notch crashes when using particle effects.

problem file is attached

Isabel, I’ve just emailed you a build that should fix your camera issue. Tx.

Hello again.
The Pandora programmer I’ll work with in March wants to play Notch through Pandora.
What is the right way to export the Notch content?
Is it an executable? Or how does Pandora controls the playback?
Through Artnet?
It will be playing back a live video source processed in Notch.
Does nocth need to have a dedicated gpu? Or can it be shared with Pandora?
The Notch content playback will be 2560x1080 max.
Total screen output is 6480x1080
I know it’s not info but can you recommend a method?

Hi, may I know what is the latest model available in the market!