Live IMAG in Disguise via Video In Source

hey. i want to check my Notch Blocks (live IMAG) in Disguise but i can’t load the live Feed Camera into the Notch Block.
Maybe i did smthg wrong in exposing the Video In Source. I exposed the “Source Type” … nothing else.
right way?

To make it work in media server use “video loader” node.

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as @m.kaminski1 said, this is just a case of a wrong node :slight_smile: video in source is for live camera dat coming into notch directly, video source is for going through media servers.

– Ryan

YES. Works. thx a lot.
in the manual they mentioned the Video Source. That confused me.

What page is that? the Video Loader had its name changed a while back, so just needs updating.

– Ryan

ist the disguise help site … but linked from Notch manual …
under Workflows / Image Effects

first off everyone has said it allready but use [ video loader ] but to be able to quickly work in builder and check looks at same time i oftern build a input switch for the media server and a webcam… its very handy as if you exspose the switch input to the media server and set it that end it overrides your local builder setting every time you publish a block … ! video_in_workflow|690x289