Running 5x4k from notch

Hello, i have project with 16x 4K outputs running from watchout content, 5 of this 4K’s is interatcive projection with notch particles. i need technical advise how to run it cause i didnt make it before. Whats better run on 5 notch PC or i can output from 1 machine 5 4K with one notch license?

For a project like this you want to be looking at using a media server that supports notch blocks, with the ability to sync multiple blocks on multiple servers.

In terms of licensing you need a notch playback license per machine that’s going to be outputting notch content.

If using multiple machines, other things to think about are:

Making sure all particle effects are deterministic
Making sure data arrives at the same time from any interactive tracking to all of the servers generating content.
I think in this case the total output you need is going to require more than 1 machine.