I have a client that is preparing a live show with 3 screens. The idea is to have at least 3X2K screens with interactive live visuals and with 3 Kinect Azure cameras connected to detect motion in real time. I have never used those systems, so I have several questions …

1- When creating content for this project, how should I project it? The whole screen resolution is going to be almost 6.000x1.200 px, so should I create a patch with this size for the 7THSENSE server?

2-They are going to be using 3 Azure Kinects, one for each screen. Is it possible to have one single patch with different Kinects connected? Or should I create 3 different patches each one with its own kinect?

3- Is the 7THSENSE PROTON server capable of playing only one block at a time, or also different independent blocks? I’m asking this just in case I can not connect 3 different kinects into one single Notch block and I need to split the project into 3 different projects.

I thinks that’s all for now. Thanks a lot!



To start with, what is the physical size for ea h screen and what exactly is the interaction planned with Kinect. The reason for asking the same is that kinect also has a range basis the field of view. So in case of 3 screens, I am assuming it to be a linear installation of 3 screens.

Please share the screen layout with dimensions


Hi Darshan!

I still don’t have much information, but the screens (the client said that they have 3 screens) are going to be in a more or less linear way to create a continuous wall with probably 20 meters of total length and 4 meters tall. I don’t have the design at this point so just guessing from the brief call I had with the client yesterday. The thing right now is to be able to tell if we can run such content in only one server (and what type) with 3 azure kinects or we need several servers. As we are going to be using particle systems I guess that by using 3 different servers will kill the possibility of combining and particles between the different servers, right?

Sorry for the lack of details but this is what I have at this point.

Edit: after reading about the Proton, I think it is not designed to run Notch blocks inside … :frowning: