Two kinects V2 in one PC


Some recommendation to connect two kinects in the same computer ?¿

I tried to use two kinects V2 at the same computer.
My computer detects the two cameras connected in USB 3

but Notch detect only one camera.

I`m in Windows 11, could be a problem ?¿

Thanks for your feedback !

I’m also interested to know if notch accept multiple Kinect v2 devices, does someone know the answer ?

Notch only supports one Kinect v2 at a time, this is a driver limitation from Microsoft.

– Ryan

Hello Nizar

To conect 2 kinect at same PC you need to use iprecorder
instead to SDK from windows

Thanks Ip recorder you can turn on 2 kinect at same time.

Then, you need “somthing” between Notch and Iprecorder,
In my case I use Processing to get the image from the two kinects and send it to NOTCH like a SPOUT.

Thake in consideration NOTCH don´r support two SPOUT signal.

In my case was a dificult process that requires many test.

Here the final result

If you need ome help you can conect me directly