Orbbec Depth Camera Support

Is there support for the Orbbec depth camera range, such as the Astra?


A client is asking me to do some R+D into some live particle and character animation FX, I understand from the Notch manual that Realsense doesn’t support skeletal data (though they do have a Skeletal SDK on their product page so perhaps this will change in the future?) - and that the Kinect is discontinued. The Skeletal data is secondary to their needs as reactive plasma and particle effects will probably be enough for the project.

Does anyone have experience with the Orbbec range or another depth camera?

Thanks in advance.

In terms of supporting a new depth camera system, we always wait to see how much interest there actually and if this product provides a substantial benefit vs others in the market we already support.

One quick note - Kinect is definitely not discontinued, I’ve been testing with the Kinect Azure recently and things are perfectly fine, depth + skeletal data. if you are looking for a depth camera with skeletal tracking, I’d strongly recommend it.

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Thank you, my mistake re: the Kinect, I might try and persuade the client to get both anyway :slight_smile: