Azure body tracking support issue

Hello, I’m having issues using the body tracking feature on my kinect azure. I have tested it with both the kinect viewer and the kinect body tracking viewer, and both seem to be working (though I’m getting a ~1 fps feed on the body tracking viewer. Is this normal?). However, the kinect 4 skeleton node is remaining red hashed no matter what I do. I’ve set this project up on other computers before and been just fine, and even the sample Kinect4azure_skeleton project won’t pick it up. I’m starting to believe it may be a system configuration issue. I’m using a brand new laptop with rtx 3080 mobile graphics card, and I’m wondering if Notch supports this card running on CUDA 11.2.135?

Figured it out from this video: Breakdown: CMD Run 1984 | Depth Camera Kinect_Azure in Notch - YouTube

It’s still important to transfer these files into the notch directory even though it’s no longer in the manual to do so. I transferred all files with similar names (k4abt, k4a, k4xxxx, all of them) into the notch directory, even if it didn’t match what was listed exactly. Hope this helps someone in the future because I just spent a whole day figuring it out!

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Which manual page are you refeerring to? Had thought that was covered.

– Ryan

I think it might have been in previous manual versions because it definitely was in the screen recording on the video link I posted. But in 0.9.23, it doesn’t say anything on the azure setup page. Maybe I was looking at the wrong page?

I was about to flag/query this also. I had remembered transferring some files last time (on another machine) and am getting no skeletal tracking on my laptop so scratching my head about which files were copied. Thanks for bringing it up!

Hey all - I’ve gotten to the bottom of what happened here. We’re trying to make it so you guys don’t have to copy files like this into the Notch directory, so we set it up to look for the files where the Kinect SDK installs them. It doesn’t look like that worked though (our bad), so I’ve updated the manual back to what it used to be. We’ll look at this again and make sure this doesn’t happen in future.

Thanks for figuring it out and letting us know!

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