Application crashes during Kinect4 Skeltal Recording

Notch Builder Pro(ver9.23.170)

During skeltal recording using alt+4 or Capture kinect data in device menu, notch crashes every time.
Although the recorded file exists in the selected folder, the file is not available in the Notch after being imported.
I can see the live skeltal data in viewport as well as recorded kinect stream(.kinect).
I doublechecked that I copied related files to C:\Program Files\Notch according to reference manual, using right version of kinect sdks, and set the kinect4 settings checkbox.

Here are images from my Notch and kinect settings.

Do I need more powerful gpu or am I missing some steps to configure?


do you mean with Alt+K ? You have to either select that menu option or press the Alt+K combo, then when you want to finish recording do the same again, did you do it a second time to stop recording? I guess if you just quit without stopping it may corrupt the .kinect or .kskel file(s) somehow.

If you are seeing the joints + kinect depth data in the viewport all is fine on the kinect side.

Importing of the .kinect file is for the Depth Source node, just import as a resource and assign this resource to the stream input on the Kinect Source node.

Importing of the .kskel file is for the Kinect 4 Skeleton node, just import as a resource and assign the resource to the stream input on the Kinect 4 Skeleton node.

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Hi Neil,

Yes, I pressed Alt+K(not Alt+4) for starting and stopping recording.
After second pressing(stopping) the shortcut combo, notch closes everytime.
.kinect streams are fine with kinect input node, but .kskel files are shown in red characters and it does not work in kinect skeltal node, just capuring live skeltal data.


Ok, we’ll just test this locally, what version of Notch are you on? Nothing weird about your system, e.g. lack of disk space? Probably not, just a thought. Sounds like a corrupt .kskel file then.

Thanks Neil,

I am using notch 9.23.170.
I also trying another disk to save kskel file.


Hey again,

We tested internally on .170 and we did not get any crashes whilst recording. I do wonder if there is a rare microsoft kinect azure sdk level error that is happening under your conditions whilst recording. Can you please send your log file to support after the crash happens, it may give us an idea what is going on. Notch - SUPPORT -

Providing your project and log file would be super useful.

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Hi Neil,

I have re-installed body tracking sdk and latest notch app, and killed some background apps including nahimic and my asus programs.
It doesn’t improve the issue unfortunately.

I sent the notch_log to support.

Again, thanks to your kindly support.


Hello, Notch support gave me a version(newer than 9.23.170) which fixes the issue.
Using the version, skeltal recording goes so well.

Neil, I appreciate your help so much.


A new build of Notch with the fix that Kobayashi-san mentioned is now available.

You can download Notch v0.9.23.180 from Notch - DOWNLOADS - and read the full changelog here

Hi Thomas,

Thanks for the update,


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