Notch + Kinect 1 setup

Hey there! Has anyone managed to setup Notch with a Kinect V1 lately? I just can’t seem to get it working. Followed the manual several times. It’s recognized successfully in the settings and also previews fine in the depth camera node when selecting “preview in viewport” but any further use like a depth camera / kinect mesh just blacks out the output. Tried all the Kinect related samples (while replacing the kinect V2 nodes with the corresponding V1 nodes) but had no luck to get ANYTHING rendered. When i activate the checkbox for outputting a flat picture, ignoring depth data, it does show a flat image at least (instead of nothing) so my guess is it is related to the depth data somehow.

I’m quite sure i’m missing something obvious here and would be absolutely grateful if somebody could give me a hint to get it running!

Hi There,

Same problem here on
Kinect V1 enabled in VideoIn/Kinect settings.
Depth Camera/Kinect source works in preview mode, both color and depth. Also work when linked to an image plane.
Depth Camera/Kinect mesh doesn’t display any mesh…

Thank you for your feedback.


check your far plane distance on the Kinect source node.