Run Notch player on up to 10 seperate PC's (synced)


The features list mentions playback on 2 outputs…
I searched the forum but did not find a conclusive answer.

Total noob here, but I was wondering if it is possible to playback 1 notch project on up to 10 PC’s > all displaying another part of the same scene > in sync with each other.

I have this half dome with up to 10 projectors/PC’s. At this moment I render 10 syncronised 1080p video’s, 1 for each player/projector. This works but is a huge drag productionwise, AND it is not realtime/interactive since it is flat video.

Thanks for your time!


Something in the order of 10 players all playing their own copy of the project (each rendering a portion of the entire canvas), but somehow synced up using a shared timecode…?

i know there are some effort to do that, for this it would need to sync all particle systems and the Like, and we have seen that in an experimental state at Notchcon, but i think it’s not finished. Other then that, if you throw the notchblocn onto a mediaserver you will get the timeline synced through the mediaserver system… but of course no particle effects possible ( as they would look different on different systems)

There have been some developments to help make this possible, such as the Network Geometry Sender and Receiver, which are still WIP. Some things might work, but other things like particles will definitely go out of sync. You can bake things like that ahead of time now, including cloners, particles and even fields, but you run into other limitations with those. Depending on what you need to do, you might have better success running one Notch block on a very powerful machine like a GX2 C and driving all your screens from that.