Fullscreen (F10) not playing Fullscreen

Hi there!
Working on the latest Notch Pro version shortcut F10 is not filling the screen. Is there any pixel limitation in width or height? Neither changing the RES 1/2 to 4 nor editing in the display/feed settings changed anything. It may be important to mention that I’m playing out a custom resolution out of a rtx3090 into a Barco E2 4992x1344px. I can see the output in the right ratio but it is about 2/3 of scale meaning I have to scale it to 133% to get the screen filled. The layer size is 4992x1344px

That sounds a bit unusual - could you check your project settings output resizing?

If its set to crop / border, then I could for see some cropping. Otherwise, I believe everything should just scale fine (Although with a watermark in PLE).

Failing that, the custom resolution stuff sounds potentially problematic - is there a reason for a setup like that?

– Ryan

Oh thanks!
I think I figured it out. It was an issue with the custom resolution out of the rtx3090 into the E2. Due to barco cannot send an EDID larger than 4096x4096 and I had to push 4992x1344 from the nVidia Driver, something got messed up. In case somebody runs into this problem - set the custom resolution on your gpu - set this res on the E2 !!! don’t send EDID turn off auto aquire - reboot the e2 - then reboot your PC. Thanks though

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Just a side note to say that if you plan to run full-screen content, you’d be better off to export to standalone or a Notch Block and run it outside of Builder. You’ll get a lot higher performance without the UI and threading overhead of running Builder at the same time (especially at high resolutions).