Sync timeline with Ableton + MIDI camera control

Hello Notch,

I am working on an AV performance, trying to find a way to synchronize the timeline of Ableton with Notch.

Here is the situation:
Ableton: I have a continuous music set on a timeline, within 5 tracks (5 scenes).
Notch: I a project with 5 layers (1 layer for each scenes/tracks).

I trigger the scene switch via OSC with the “layer precomp>multiplex sources>image 2D”.
The thing is when I trigger a scene, it doesn’t restart the timeline from the beginning.

I tried to use “Jump to time” but I haven’t find a way to make it work properly, it never jumps to a specific place on the timeline, it does something, but not what I want which is start at the beginning of the layer.

Maybe there is a much easier way to synchronize Ableton with Notch? I’m open to work differently, I just want my 2 timelines to be in sync which each other.

Also another problem I have, is that every time I bring the timeline to the beginning or change something in the network, my camera jumps and goes crazy. Form my understanding, it happens because I control the camera with a midi controller (using a null piped to the camera). Is there a way to fix these jumps?

*Note that I am not using Notch in standalone because I want to have access to the network and tweak things live.

Thanks for you help guys, really excited to use Notch for a new show in MUTEK Japan!


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