Standalone Playback timeline controls

Are there any keyboard commands to control the timeline in the standalone executable?
It would be nice to be able to start and stop and to go to the next or previous markers.

Notch Standalone doesn’t have any keyboard controls (although you could create some of your own with modifiers and Jump to Time node) and it also doesn’t have cues/markers as we leave that to the media servers. However, you can control standalone timeline via OSC and ArtNet…

Which applications can be used to send OSC string commands?
The media server on the project I’m working on is Pandora so it won’t work with the standalone

Also, does the builder pro version supports markers? They seem to be disabled on the PLE

Any OSC application can send to Notch. The OSC commands it sends just need to match those in our manual.

Please can you describe what you mean by markers? We don’t have a cue/marker functionality in Notch (in Pro or PLE), it’s something that media servers look after usually.