General question how to setup

Hello everyone,
we have a project where I think Notch is the best choice. Therefor I have some questions.

It is nothing complicated, more or less three different Screens.

  • A Welcome screen (some graphic stuff)
  • A selection screen (Video selection, controlled from a touch tablet)
  • The Main Action (5 Videos + 1 Live video with key)
  • May be a closing screen (some graphic stuff)

The application will be controlled with a touch tablet and OSC.

I’ve done a little preview, where I already used two layers for comp the shadows of Videoplates.
Looks nice :wink:

But how setup all together?

  • Welcome screen one layer, where it is looping in its own Timestamp?
  • How can I make a transition to the next screen/layer when it is triggered?
  • As I understand, we have one main timeline and every layer has its own. How can I resolve nonlinear navigation?

I’m a ventuz user and there it is easy going, but I want to dive deeper in the notch universe.
It would be nice if someone help me to get my head around.


Hey Jo,

Notch has OSC transport and layer switching control when running a standalone exe.
When you are running in a block inside ventuz you need to setup the logic to switch the layers (or control any other exposed properties) in the media server.

‘Transitions’ in the editing sense (cross fades etc) are a little trickier. Layer switching generally results in a ‘cut’. Whilst this sort of traditional editing effect isn’t exactly the goal of Notch layers, you could achieve this using a precomp of 2 layers and animate the blend property on the precomp node to fade in/out. You could also use the alpha blended property in a material, or the per object composite alpha property, both can be used for blending without having to switch to multiple layers which would likely be more performant.

I hope that helps get you going in the right direction?


Hi Antony,
thanks for your reply, very helpful. The OSC Transport protocol sounds good.
I had already thought that it would be a bit tricky with transitions.


Is your aim to switch freely between any of your layers or is it a progressive move each time?

Aside from the live key layer, are the rest of your layers actual realtime content, or could they be rendered?

Unfortunately, it has come to an end. Real-time shadows are no longer so important to the customer, and we do the whole thing with Ventuz. Too bad, I would have liked to use Notch with Ventuz.