Notch into Disguise showflow

Hi all, I’m a Notch newbie who has been soaking up every tutorial that I can get my hands on. We are currently working on integrating Notch into Disguise to run XR events. My plan is to have a virtual environment running on the back plate and then some overlay content running on the front plate. We have this working as it should, but I’m a little lost on the next step which is the actual show flow.

Say we have a corporate presentation which needs to display different 3D models one after the other; a car animates on screen, then it disappears. This is replaced by a TV screen that has a live input on it. This goes away and something else comes up. What is the best way to have these animating on and off? Do you put these on separate layers and tick off ‘Layers as separate effects’? How then does the front plate work? Should everything be on the same layer?

Hopefully the question makes sense!

If it were me and a client asked for all of this the first thing I would do is design a system where an exposed envelope modifier animates and controls different elements in your scene.

Then in disguise section out your timeline with the different elements and key frame the exposed envelope value. When the client has the budget for a server I prefer to expose my modifier system to disguise and key frame it there.

The front plate is just a layer of video that is rendered on top of the camera feed/backplate. Once setup correctly your Notch block will render your front and back plate side by side and the media server will know how to display it.

There are a lot of ways to skin this cat.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks Mark, appreciate the response. I managed to get it figured out using pretty much the method you described! It definitely takes a while to get used to what each modifier does.