Control Time of a Notch Block in Disguise from Builder

Hi all.
Is there a way to control Notch block time from builder to D3 Disguise?
I noticed once I have an active connection from Notch to Disguise, there is a dedicate button to do this. Anyway it seems it doesn’t work properly. I would like to know if i’m missing some setting on both sides or if there is some other ways to achieve this.
What I see, when that control is active and I scroll the Notch playhead, disguise refresh the content showing me some frames (in a strobey way) of the notch timing, until i stop.
Thank you

Hi there,

If you are talking about the “network connection” button so that you are able to edit the notchblock within disguise, unfortunately you cannot move the disguise timeline via the notch timeline.

As for the the strobing issue on your content within disguise, can you please send us the issue through our email at with the file and video of the problem if possible and we will look into this for you.

all the best