Notch Blocks Crashing Green Hippo


I finally got my Pro and Playback licenses and I am running into problems getting a Notch block to work with Green Hippo. I have a Boreal+ running v4.5.5 and I am using the latest version of Notch.

When I load a Notch Block downloaded from the Notch website it loads and runs as expected. If try to load a Notch Block that I have exported if hangs the engine. This happens with blocks made from the the sample Notch files and even a blank Notch file.

Is there something that I need to do on the Boreal+ to install Notch? The dongle is plugged in and the code meter web interface shows the license.

Short follow up - this issue was resolved through support. It looks like some of the required drivers weren’t installed on the Boreal for Notch to run - the easy fix for this is to just install notch builder on the Boreal machine. This installs all the drivers and so on needed to run Notch Builder, and so resolves the issues for the exported blocks too.

– Ryan