EXE not working

Help! After installing the Playback license on a Windows, I can’t open an exe file exported from Notch Builder Pro! Any suggestions on how to make it works?
Whenever I click on the file, nothing happens and turning off the antivirus didn’t help.

If you need urgent support I would heavily suggest you contact us here. While we monitor the forums, issues sent to us directly will get a much quicker response time from the team.

Usually issues like this come up from missing dlls or drivers required from startup - the easy solution is to install notch builder onto the target machine and see if this resolves the issue. Note they don’t need to run builder or have a builder license, it’s just to get the right dlls in the right places in case they aren’t there already.

I’d also read through this manual post to see if any issues related to this topic appear there.

– Ryan