Problem export ray tracing

Hi ! I have a training builder and when I export here what happens! It stops after 2 frames…!

Edit : it works when I choose avi, but the problem appears if I choose mp4 ! image|668x500

Hey Romain!

If you are still having this problem, could you send us the project at

many thanks

Perhaps this is related to the issue over in this thread?

Hello ! Unfortunatly no… I’ve tried again on my new computer on the project and it doesn’t work… Can I send you the file ? I can export it without raytracing. And is it normal that it should take around 20 hours with raytracing, for 1 min of video ? I have a NUC9 with a rtx 2080TI from msi

but it works if I uncheck “use scene refinement”

Hi Romain,

send us the dfx file on here or at and Ill take a look at it for you

many thanks