Exporting Video without torching GPU

Good Day.

Upon exporting a Raytraced Video this afternoon. I noticed that the GPU was reaching. 86° C. So, I decided to cancel the export because it was only 10 frames in our of 400. And I do not want to burn out the card.

Is there a way to cap Notch’s RT refinement? It seems to be the culprit here.

I don’t have liquid cooling. So, trying to find ways around running the card capped out for hours at that heat.

Windows 11
RTX 3080TI
AMD Ryzen 9 5950X

Don’t worry, your gpu was built to experience this kind of heat. It won’t “torch” even if you don’t have water cooling. Just make shure your computer has proper ventilation and you will be fine.

Heya, Esteban.

Underclocking the card when doing long Notch renders. Ambient temps are contributing. An external fan helps also. It’s most likely the ITX case that’s contributing to the higher temps.

AI denoising helps also, so you don’t have to run massive refinements.