Video export crash - Demolition FX

i’m experiencing a crash when i want to export a video from a project. it says :
“Demolition-FX Error : Video export failed : VideoProcessor application timed out or terminated early”

After a research on the forum i have found the timed issue (Demolition-FX GPU hung error) and i have fixed that.

It’s a pretty large file but not crazy : 5860x1920 with imported mesh 3d and deformers, mapping project. config : razor blade 17" with egpu : 1080ti

Need some help :confused:

Thanks everybody

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i’ve tried with my laptop gpu : 2080 rtx, on an other pc…actually i can’t export video from any project, even the templates…i really don’t know what’s wrong. Can’t work since 1 week on a big project with this issue

We are experiencing this issue as well, with

Have tried on a P6000 and 2080ti. Also tried the regedit fix mentioned by @clement.boghossian, no dice there either.


Here’s a video recording of how far the render makes it before crash, on average:

And here is the dfx for said project:

Steps to replicate:

  1. Open project
  2. File -> Export Video
  3. Wait for crash, usually in first 3 frames of render or so.

Please let me know anything else required to fix this issue, cheers.

When I’ve had this issue, I render in .mov (or .avi) instead of .mp4 and it has solved my problem each time. I realize this isn’t the best case, but it’s better than no render at all!

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Hey, what’s your video export settings ? (the height x width ?)

@kaicolucci many thanks, this seems to work!
@clement.boghossian video export WxH was just plain ol’1920x1080 HD.

ok because for me the issue was the width and height,it wasn’t multiple of 2, so it crashes

@clement.boghossian Yes, I’ve had the classic ‘multiple of 2’ issue across a number of apps over the years. An alert prior to render (“Resolution must be a multiple of two”) would be really, really helpful for users I think.

We do, it was added in

  • [UI] Updated the export video dialog to error if the output width and height for H264 .mp4 exports is not a multiple of 2. This is a requirement of the output format.

Beautiful, thanks for clarifying, Bent. And I’ll be sure to read the release notes more closely prior to posting henceforth :slight_smile:

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