Understanding Notch in 3D pipeline

Like any good entrepreneur, I just dove head in to Notch and am training myself up for art projects. Our studio does AR art installations, and regularly use Maya, C4D, Unity in our production pipeline (my team, not me). How do I explain/understand Notch’s role in the universe?

Hey Chris!
Notch is many things. True real-time WYSIWYG workflow, 3D creation, animation, lighting, rendering, VFX (e.g. fields, volumetrics, particles), multiple rendering passes, compositing and post-processing, and editing/timeline
No need to cache/render out or switch to another package to move between stages of creation
End to end workflows that do not require plugins.
Everything can be procedural; from 3d modelling to animation
It keeps creativity agile
No lock-in, caches, render passes or re-baking.
Fine grained tweaks all the way to the last stage.
Not to mention the fact Notch can bring in assets created in other packages such as Maya, C4D substance designer, allowing you to combine your workflows with the tools you love and then bring the assets into Notch to perhaps add interactive elements, different lighting, or for a super fast render process. I hope that’s helpful. You can contact me at sarah.cox@notch.one if you have more questions or wanted to talk anything through about our tools. Thanks!

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