Value Change Triggers Event


I’m new to the forum as I’m taking time off the Facebooks.

I want to make a keyframe animation play every time I change a specific value. I am using the Triggerable Envelope Mod but this only seems to trigger the animation when the new value passes the threshold amount. I’ve tried changing the trigger mode but this doesn’t help.

I am making an RSS reader where the user would enter a number and that makes a certain tweet animate on and off the screen.

DFX is here.
Will share the dfx if I get it working.

Thanks in advance.

Managed to get this working with Java Script. I’m allergic to code but now every time I press ‘f’ the envelope toggles between 0 and 1 which will work for what I need.

DFX here.

Hey there, if your looking to get an animation to trigger when you change a value, i’d use a delay node and subtract to get the difference between the value between two frames (ish). with a low condition, you can see any value change and use that to trigger an animation.

see the attached, let me know if it works.

TriggerOnAnyChange.dfx (67.3 KB)

Of course, if you can use java script you can code exactly what you want so glad you found an alternative anyway.



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Yea that works. Will come in useful later down the line. Thanks for that.