Triggering imported animations

Hi all, I’m trying to bring a keyframed fbx animation into Notch and set a trigger to run it once when the trigger condition is met but for the life of me, can’t see how I’m supposed to do this.

After reading the docs, I see that the trigger envelope modifier can be used to trigger animations, but I haven’t found any information on how to plug this into an incoming animated object, also I noticed on the fbx node it lists takes, does this mean I can cycle through different takes on an animation?

Any advice or a point to online resources on how to do this would be very much appreciated!




Hey Daniel,

Did you ever find a way to trigger the fbx animation?

  • Dave

Time Stretch is my go-to for this. I set it to Absolute Time, Speed 0 and use the time offset to scrub through it exactly how I want

I’d also like to know this (consider this a bump), I’ve got a similar problem. I can’t work out the trigger envelope modifier either. Or if the normal “trigger” node is involved at all.

Anyone any ideas, or how it’s used?

Hey Guys,

There are lots of different ways to trigger animations - personally I think the time stretch node is the best way to go. Below is a link to 3 basic ways, but of course you can get more complex.

The Triggerable Envelope Modifier is a different thing - this node triggers an internal animation on the “value” attribute when a condition is met. Useful if you want an animation that can be triggered multiple times, but not always necessary.



Aha, I was using the timestretch wrong. Thanks a lot!

FYI, (or any other guys), I had a bit of joy with triggering video (another thing) using a condition modifier > smooth envelope modifier with loads of attack and some decay (about 100 / 2), then remapped it to the frame range, then into the loop end in the video loader. I thought “current playing frame” would work as an input, but it doesn’t seem to.