Restart the fbx Animation Time Line, when changing the Animation Set

Is it possible to restart the fbx Animation Time Line, when changing the Animation Set? (in the Attributes of the fbx)
The problem is: I can switch in Notch between the different animations on my fbx file, but the timeline is taken over instead of restarting. The different animations of the fbx file are unequal and that results ugly jumps on changing.

Is there a solution?


could you upload a dfx of the issue? always helps to find solution when there is a project file to work from.

This is an example file with the various animatio sets. It should always go to the starting point when changing. is that possible?

Block.dfx (16.2 KB)

@ryan.notch any idea yet?

Apologies for the delay, but here’s what I’m thinking:

FBX animations are locked to timecode, so you would need to find a way to convert it to something more time independant - which is easy to do with the time stretch node. I’ve put together a basic example - let me know if this works for you.

Block.dfx (15.0 KB)

– Ryan

Many thanks for your effort.
That works very well, but now i need for each animation a new fbx and the animation set makes no longer sense. Isn’t it possible to apply this to the animation itself?
What about the resource usage? When i have 10 animations, i need 10 fbx.
Eat all 10 animations the resources in the background or only those that are currently being used?

Not currently, there arent otions for switching anymations to a specific time in a node, so this workaround is the current solution. and in terms of resources, this is fairly cheap in most cases. the select child only updates the child node that is currently selected so the others aren’t actively taking up extra resources. If you give each mesh a different material things could get trickier, but I think you’d have to go out of your way to cause an issue there, and fundamentally that issue would be having tonnes of materials in a scene - not the meshes.

– Ryan

Great i take over your example :slight_smile: many thanks for your work.
It’s always nice to be part of notch.

best regards

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