Moving imported alembic animation through the timeline

Hi folks,

I’ve imported an alembic animation from cinema with some mograph stuff baked into to it. I want to use it in a chorus on a track I’m creating visuals for, but it seems that I cant move it on the timeline to line up where I want my animation to start. When I do so, the animation seems to ignore what I’m trying to acomplish. It just stops playing all together…???

I’ve also tried to set a keyframe on the playback speed and the animation loop period to make it start where I want it to in the timeline, but that doesn’t really work either. It just speeds up to where it would be as if it had been playing the animation since the beginning of the timeline.

Am I missing something here or might this be a bug?

Uploaded a DFX here:

Simpliest way
Progect settings - General - Turn off Layers As Separate FX
Put your alembic into separate layer which starting when you want it to start
You can put this layer on top of others with blending mode.

Another simple way is on Imported 3D scene node put playback speed to 0 and animate parameter of loop start. Basically by moving this parameter you move animation in time. So you can start it when you want and end when you want.

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Will try the layer method. I was having issues with animating the playback speed. Thanks!