Videos doesnt start from the beginning

Hi !
For example, I have 5 video images. And I want to start these videos with a key. But I can not do it. Because when I start real time, when I switch to another video, that video continues from the current timeline. The video doesnt start from the beginning. How is this possible? I want to start the video from the beginning whenever I want.

Thanks, :raised_hands:

Hi, you can shift the start point of video layers in the layer view - does that help you? You can also use a trigger to set the playback speed to 0 until triggered, if your scene is dynamic.

Thanks for your reply Bent! :raised_hands:
Yes, I edited my videos back to back on the timeline.
If I make my Video Loader Locked To Timecode, I can move my slider to the video I want and play it. But there is a problem, I need to Frame Offset my consecutive videos.
But, if I make Running/Loopable, I have to wait for the whole process before I can edit my videos.

Whereas, I want to be able to work like After Effects in my Timeline.
This is process for a theater. And while working on the stage, we have to be flexible in Notch, moving from one video to the next. Is this possible ? Or i just need to do Frame Offset my all video, everytime?