Grab frame of Video and control frame offset

Hi everyone!

At first here’s my project screenshot:

Here’s some explanations.
So I have video with big dot which is transformed to 3 small dots, it lasts 2 sec ( 30fps ).
Also you can see 12 different Image Plane nodes which to I plugged video with dots.
My target is to archive specified freeze frame from the video in each different image plane.
For example in the first ( top left ) IP I want to have the first frame in the next IP ( on the right ) I want to have 5th frame of the video with dots and so on and so one. Obviously controlled by some modifier, I guess and try to use Envelope Modifier - seems like it’s the right one.

As far as I research I found that you can control the frame offset of the video in ‘Video Source’ node but it doesn’t seems to works as I thought it works.
Another thing I try is [b] Frame Buffer [/b ] node and it gives me possibility to control frame offset but it’s changing only when I am not playing the animation in real time ( just static ).
The next thing I looked is ‘Envelope Modifier’ plugged to ‘Current Time’ of ‘Video Source’ node. At first it looks like the right thing to do. But after I add some more Video Source nodes it’s just messing up and nothing works at all.
So I try to modify 'Current Time’ of ‘Video Null’ and ‘Image Plane’ but it’s just gives no results.
The last thing I try was changing Frame Offset inside Image Plane node - no results at all.

So here’s come my questions.

  1. Does anyone already try do something like try?
  2. Simply, how to freeze frame and have a control on frame offset?
  3. Is it possible?

Thanks much for help!
Waiting for you questions and answers :slight_smile:

Hey Dawid,

The Frame Buffer node captures a frame of the video and keeps it in a buffer. It will grab a new frame based on its frame grab rate.

If your looking to offset the videos current playtime, you’re better off using the Frame Delay node. It delays the incoming video by a number of frames, which should work better.

A combination of both these nodes should get your desired effect - Below is an example file.