How to make a timer?

Hello, this is noob graphic student who is studying notch. I always thank you for you guys in this forum. It was really helpful for noob like me.

I am trying to make change of the values from 0 to 1 for 30 seconds, and is there a way without using clock time?

Moreover, is there a trigger to move to other layer (ex. if someone moving in front of kinect sensor, it moves to second layer, and come back to first layer after 10 secs)

Thank you so much for clicking my noob topic!! :slight_smile:

There are variations in the best solution depending on how you want things to behave and appear but you would really benefit from reading the manual about the following nodes:

Accumulator Modifier (tip - keep the ‘Value’ value consistent and turn it on/off via the ‘Attack’ value)
Condition Modifier
Extractor Modifier

Selet Child Node, Select Input Node, Input Selector Modifier - for hard switches between discrete node setups, these can be very complex if required, all ‘OFF’ children are not processed so it is efficient.

Smooth Envelope Modifier and Triggerable Envelope Modifier - useful for smooth tranistions I/O and custom keyframed animations that occur whenever triggered, so indepedent from the timeline.

This isn’t extensive but should give you a good foundation

Hope that helps,

You can find a “?” symbol at the top-right of the properties panel for any node selected, this will take you to the relevant manual pages.

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Check out this tutorial from Ctrld Chaos. It should help you out

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