Markers and OSC

Would love to see the Jump to Time node work so it goes to time when it’s active value hits 1, currently it’s only when the play head crosses the node start time.

Then it got me wondering if markers could be accessed via a drop down in this node?

Would open up the possibility of external control of the timeline during build…

Next question is there a way to convert the luminance average of an image/video/render to texture etc. Into a float???

If you stretch the jump to time node to span across your entire layer in the timeline view you can stack multiple jump to time nodes with different times and trigger them just like you are wanting.

Check out the video sampler modifier, this should output a float value of the entire image if you set it so.

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Thanks, and thanks! The roadblock for is the JtT node seems to only work in a block/standalone whereas I was hoping for access to timeline control in Builder somehow.

Appreciate the tips anyway