RSS feed updates & keyframe animation in sync

Hi there! I’m thinking of how to keep RSS feed update rate & timeline animation in sync. I have a RSS feed that updates the title & description every 20s. In notch I set up a simple text animation with write on & off with a duration of 20s. So how can I update the feed with the new string when no text is visible and not having the RSS feed changed while the string is visible so the text doesn’t flip to the new string? Or would a different approach like triggering an animation when the string changes be easier?

Ok, I got a prototype working. I receive a string through a RSS feed node - this sends text into 2 rss text selectors, one with 1s change rate the other one with 0,5 change rate - similar to the action on value change with a delay node - these nodes send the strings into a javascript node which compares (== or !=) these strings and send a 0 or 1 on the output😭 no string output for javascript yet. This output triggers the animation keyframes with a modifier. So whenever the string changes my animation starts. Any suggestions how to optimize? It Looks like the rss change time depends on when I set the update rate - if I set the change rate at 00:12 to 10s the next update will happen at 00:22 and so on. A trigger would be nice to have the update and following processing in time and synced together.

This sounds like a pretty interesting project - if you could upload the project I can take a look and see what corners can be cut, but on the surface I’m not sure where to start.

Hi! It took a time - here’s the dfx
DREI_PRATER_Fallback_TEST TIMING.dfx (111.0 KB)

This project runs as a projection on the “Wiener Riesenrad”. People can send their names or messages through a webinterface which processes it into an rss format xml. Due to not having a trigger input on the rss feed nodes the rss update rate is quite high unnecessarily.
Are there any changes to this nodes on the roadmap? I think I’ll have some more projects coming up next year using RSS so a dedicated update trigger input or setting the update rate to 1h and enable the update function to accept booleans would be nice.:grin:

Updates to the RSS nodes won’t be in crosshairs for the immediate future, we’re currently overhauling a lot of the tool so we are keeping a tight focus right now.

As for the project, It looks reasonably fine to me. You might be able to optimise the trigger envelopes by using one trigger animation with a delay node for each text node, but that wouldnt be all that different overall.
I’d have to dig into the Javascript to know if you could do that stuff with nodes, but I doubt that would make much of a difference.
Putting the update feed rate high and lowering when needed works reasonably fine, so I wouldn’t worry about it as a work flow in particular.

– Ryan