Text generator for Hippo media servers

hey guys,

I’m new to notch but with all the downtime I figured id learn something new…

I’m trying to recreate the text generator that was on hippo v3 on v4. my current idea is to do it through a notchblock where I could pull in data from an RSS feed.

I’ve got the RSS feed input working in notch builder but I’m trying to figure out a way to cycle through all the data coming in from the RSS feed one at a time. I only want 1 title on the screen at a time.

does anyone have some tips on how to do this?

Hey There,

There are a few ways to do this. The easiest way is to just directly connect an RSS Feed to a text node, then play with the display mode / entry mode to get the outcome you are looking for.

If you want to go a bit more complex, you can use the RSS Text Selector to pull out a specific line from an RSS Feed and direct it to a specific text node.

If you want to get even more complex, in the upcoming patch release we have also expanded the options for RSS in javascript, so that will allow for even more flexibility with RSS feed data.

I’ve made a simple version of the first and second suggestions, hopefully they help get you in the right direction.
RSSTextExample.dfx (83.5 KB)



sweet! ill give that a look. ill have do some more research into the javascript side. my code of choice is python but i don’t see any support for that. do you think you will support python at any point?

my ultimate goal would be to have notch reach out to a postgres database and pull the data from there. also is there a way to have the data being sent in dissolve to the new name instead of a hard cut?

thanks for all the help ryan.