Taking information from external sources to display charts?

Hi all, with so many events being virtual these days I’ve been asked if we can take data from an event polling application like Slido and display that in Notch, for example, creating 3D bar graphs based on live voting from attendees. Has anyone ever done this and if so, how? Is it possible to take information from an API or XML file?

I’ve seen this done with a live updating CSV, which is then piped into a cloner system via the CSV table array. A bar graph in particular is easy to setup this way.

– Ryan

Thanks Ryan, yeah I saw that method too, I tested that out quickly and it works. If that’s the only way of doing it then that’s fair enough, I just wanted to be sure I’m as informed as possible.

I’m sure you could get data in via OSC/MIDI, but that would get super messy I think.
Exposable arrays with other tools managing the data could also work, but that over complicates a simple process for my liking.

– Ryan

Yeah I think you’re right. Thanks for your help Ryan.

Ryan, not sure if you’re still around, but I have a follow up question. I have a bar graph set up taking information from a CSV file. Is there something I need to enable that allows the content to update in real time? If I make a change in the CSV file and save it, I have to right click the resource in builder and reload it in order for the changes to occur. If I export it as a Standalone or a Media Block, changing and saving the CSV file does nothing.

Right click the resource, and select reflect resource changes. If the csv is resaved, Notch can pick it up and will update the csv.

– Ryan

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That works to see changes reflected instantly in Builder, but it doesn’t seem to do anything when exported as Standalone or a Media Block. When it’s compiled does it lose the connection/relationship with the local CSV file?

Ah I see what you mean - I missed the Standalone/Mediaserver line. In the current release, you need to add a Javascript node to do this - but fortunately we have the code already written for you. Check out this manual page - let me know if you need any help getting going.



Thanks Ryan, I had found this script when I was looking through the user manual for answers. I’m not quite sure how this works, I couldn’t find any tutorials on the Javascript side of things. For this set up, would the Javascript node connect directly to the Root node or does it need to pass through something else?

(I created a Javascript file through the node properties section. I opened that up, pasted in that script and replaced the file path and file name with my own.)

The manual covers the js side of things reasonably well I think, but I’ll talk to the team abut adding some video stuff (because video is always easier to parse) :slight_smile:

Node just connects to the root, only needs to connect to other nodes if you want to get data into / out of it (which in this case isn’t necessary).

— Ryan

Okay, it’s good to know that I’m connecting things in the right way, so I guess I’m messing up somewhere else! Some Javascript quick tip videos would help a lot I think, just some examples like the reload resource one.

Thanks a million for the replies Ryan, I really appreciate the help.

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