RSS Feed Node problems, not seeing stream

Has anyone had success with using data from an RSS feed? I’m not finding anything and have been staring at the manual with no success. My goal is to use images, but I havent even been able to use text via RSS Feed Node > RSS Text Selector> Text . Not seeing any indication of receiving data. I am reading you can use javascript, but not seeing how the javascript node can play into this the RSS nodes, or how to connect the RSS Feed node to an image plane node as there are no inputs for an RSS feed in any of the image nodes.

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Attached is a sample project for getting these nodes working. Let me know if you have any questions.

TomrssImages.dfx (104.7 KB)

Ran into more issues. I am wanting to pull images from say a social media platform or blog. I have been able to get images from the flickr tag rss feed that was given, but I have been totally unsuccessful getting the images to pull from any other sites like ig, or any other blog/site. I have been able to get the rss feed, text works fine, but images do not show. I am curious about what kinds of assets Notch can pull from rss, do the images have to be a specific format? Can notch pull video from an rss feed? I am seeing in the manual there are api references for javascript, I am wanting more info on how to use this and how to attatch js with the rss nodes.

I definitely ran into some issues with the RSS node and since I am more comfortable in JS I just prefer to use that. It seems from a little digging on the RSS board (
Flickr is using an actual as an ‘optional channel element’ to display the image, which ‘Specifies a GIF, JPEG or PNG image that can be displayed with the channel’.
Instagram doesn’t give you the image in that format but rather a source link to the image or video.
So my recommendation is to use a JS node to parse the ‘description’ section of the Instagram RSS feed as that is where the source link to the video or picture lies and try to extract it that way.

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Can you give me an example of a RSS feed that didn’t work for you so I can take a look as to why?


Here are example feeds of notch social media:

I can see how a script to change the rss feed could solve my issue. I havent done as much coding with JS and think it might be a little advanced for me, but would love some resources to point me in the right direction… Not sure where the JS node would fit in the node system to be able to manipulate the RSS feed. Wanting more info on how the RSS text selector/ Image file loader works when pulling info.

Additionally, I am running to inconsistencies with the files I have gotten working. Ill have it working on one computer, and not be able to get the same file to work on another. Also, I noticed if I have two layers with separate RSS feeds, the second RSS feed has not been able to pull the new feed and will use the first one I made in the previous layer.

In both RSS feeds the image is nested in item -> description -> < img src=“imageLink” >
The RSS feed should allow you to get the whole item’s description from that you use JS to parse and grab the image src.

So your JS file should look something like this:

var layer, RSSnode, numRssEntries, entryIndex, entryImageFilename;

function Init() 
    Log("My Script v0.1");
    // Initialize any *internal* variables here.
    layer = Document.FindLayer("My Layer");
    imageLoaderNode = layer.FindNode("Image 2D");
    RSSnode = layer.FindNode("RSSFeed").AsRSSFeedNode();
    // RSSnode = layer.FindNode("RSSFeed")
   // may be used if you are using GetString() to get the description in the Update function

function Update() 
    // Put your active code in here.
   numRssEntries = rssNode.GetNumEntries();
   for ( entryIndex = 0; entryIndex < numRssEntries; entryIndex++) {
      entryImageFilename = RSSnode.GetEntryTitle(entryIndex);
       // change this to get the description instead of the title
      // parse the description with regex (use an online regex checker)
     // to only get the image source
     // imageLoaderNode.SetString("Attributes.Filename", entryImageFilename);

Modified from (

I recommend SLOWLY going through the whole JS documentation:

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