Using tweening null like multiplex sources?


Is it possible to use a Tweening null to blend between video nulls, like Multiplex Sources just with an adaption rate? to make a more smooth transition
Have been using Composite Source blend amount, but might be a better/faster way if I got a chain of videos I wanna mix?


The tweening null is for transform data, not video, so I think thats a non-starter. I’ll talk to the dev team about a blendable multiplex sources, but for now you could use a few composite image nodes and a modifier system to do the same thing.

– Ryan

Thanks, Ryan, sound great I’m right now tinkering with hooking up my Cirklon to Notch to be able to use its sequencing power to control different things in Notch

Having stored states/scenes of all nodes and then been able to fade/ sequence from one to another
Perhaps one day there will be a node like that

The layer precomp can take a layer and render it into a video node for use in another node - is that what your referring to?

– Ryan

Nice, it would be like having a several layer pre-comps with a lot of nodes
Being able to store the states in the different pre-comps and then have a master step sequencer being able to sequence patterns of store states, but not erupt from one state to another, because its procedural with a variable glide from one step to another. Using trick conditions
and having inputs to be able to use visual information to drive the sequencer to be able to create never-ending feedback loops with sound and visuals. With my limited knowledge now having been using Notch for 4-5 months the tools are there to build it, but I would have to use a lot of notes and creating a step seq node with trig conditions a bit like the cirklon would be a dream come true