Material Blending

Hi everyone. I have a 2 part question.

First part: In general what is the best way to fade between 2 or more different textures/images and pipe the output in a material.

Second part: Is there a way to blend between 2 materials on the same mesh. The two materials have different mapping nodes. One has a plane mapping where i tilt the plane, the other one uses spherical. I want to A: blend them and B: be able to transition from one to the second and then to a third one.

The Multimaterial Node is OK for blending only 2 Materials. But the Multimaterial Node does not respect the mapping of the different materials. It only takes the first material’s mapping and uses it for the second one. This
This is also why the first part of the question exist - One way to trick the multi material to use more than one texture is to switch the second texture with a new one while the first one is at a 100 percent and after the switch reduce the first texture to 0 percent and reveal the switched texture.

For the first part: You can use composite sources node to blend textures and output it to material node.
For the second part: I don’t know if its possible.

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question 1 : Yeh take the textures out of the material node and blend between them with the composite sources node.

question 2 : We don’t have a full material blending node at the moment, so you’ll need to extract the textures of the materials and blend between them before they go into a material node.

This is a workflow we are looking at for the next release, but I can’t comment yet on what changes will be made yet. Small hint: Shading nodes are getting reworked :slight_smile:

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