Mixing generator / Procedural shading

Hello everyone and thanks for that forum.
I’ve been playing with Notch a few days and I love it !

I’m still beginning and trying to understand how the nodes work together. I watched tutorials and read the manual but i’m stuck on something : how can you mix and blend different “visual inputs” to use as a texture on a mesh ?
For example, having a base color, and on top of it some noise set to Add, and on top of that an image set to multiply ? I tried mixing Generators in materials without success, and finally managed to do it via 2D images in a precomp layer, but isn’t there an easier and more straightforward way ?

Here’s my setup

(And also, my Colour Correction node affects the whole images and not only the fractal noise).

For example, here is how I would do in blender and the kind of thing I’m looking for.

Thanks in advance for your replies

Finally managed to do it via Composite Source nodes thanks to Arminas help on FB.
Posting result here might a newcomer be interested.