Multi Material with metallic and glass

I’m trying to blend betwenn metalliic and glass material with the Multi Material node. I can get the blending of materials to work as I’d like them to with two regular materials, but I’m having issues with then blending when I switch to glass/metallic. Is it possible to do this?

Pictures should further explain my issue

I’m not sure you can blend glass materials - Glass materials don’t support varying opacities, so I don’t think this effect is possible without using a render layer and just fading the opacity of one over the other.

– Ryan

Thank you for your answer.

Do you think this will be possible in future releases? It’d be a really cool thing!

We’re working on overhauling our shading nodes so it might be possible in the next release through that, but even if not this will be looked into for another release / patch in the future.

– Ryan

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