Routing parameters and video // Multiplexer


I’m trying to prepare controllable VFX for D3. Sadly, there are not many very basic math and logic nodes. Quartz composer and VUO are good examples of what we really need.
Currently I can not solve the problem with video routing. I’m looking for solutions like multiplekser or stucture maker. In the attachment, an example of how this might work. The first solution is better when we have many output nodes like “Image 2D”.


Hi Hubert,

This is a fair request and we’ve given it a bump on the feature request list.

It’s reasonable to say that most people are multiplexing in their media server before it arrives in Notch, but we can see cases where you’d want to do more creative multiplexing in Notch.


As a side note: I should add that for Materials and Numeric values, you can use the Input Selector modifier to route them.