Render To Texture Node - Tutorial?

Hello !

I Have 4 different scenes set up with their own individual cameras / Post Fx.

Each scene is set up with individual midi control for the Post FX.

I am looking to map each individual scene to a midi trigger but I cannot get the cameras to HOLD.

Looking through the manual I’ve seen RENDER TO TEXTURE + MULTI CAM, as a possible solution.

Any info available on this topic would be very much appreciated.


could you explain your setup a little further? how are you trying to change between the cameras?

Okay so I think I’m moving away from the RENDER TO TEXTURE node.

I created a toggle for each MIDI trigger. Each trigger is linked to a separate camera.

5 cameras total.

  1. hero shot / main ( value - 0.0 in SELECT CHILD NODE)
  2. camera special #1 ( value - 1.0 in SELECT CHILD NODE)
  3. camera special #2 ( value - 2.0 in SELECT CHILD NODE)
  4. camera special #3 ( value - 3.0 in SELECT CHILD NODE)
  5. camera special #4 ( value - 4.0 in SELECT CHILD NODE)

Each toggle works correctly when triggered whilst the SELECT CHILD NODE is at a value of 0.

When I activate two MIDI triggers one after the other, the SELECT CHILD NODE stacks the incoming values.

Inside my ENVELOPE MODIFIER I have threshold of 5.0.
As I bump thru my triggers I can see the VALUE in my ENVELOPE MODIFIER exceeding my set threshold.

0.0 → 1.0 → 3.0 → 6.0 → 10.0

My node flow is as follows :


The end goal is to be able to hit my MIDI triggers in any order I like with out having the values stack on top of each other within the SELECT CHILD NODE.

I feel like I might be missing a crucial piece.

Hopefully this makes sense lol !

Thank you in advance !

Dropping the render to texture sounds like the right move, unless you want to see multiple views at the same time, its not necessary and hits performance a lot.

Otherwise, I think the modifier setup here is wrong. The accumulator is designed to add values over time, so that’s why they are stacking on top of each other.

Usually, you can go into you midi controllers preferences and set the buttons to radio buttons, so only one signal is sent at a time, but in case you haven’t got that there is a bin for “convert to radio buttons”.

– Ryan