Why is it so hard to cut between cameras?

I need to be able to cut between cameras in the same layer and it is nearly impossible to do with nodes. I have tried State machines, Execute Child Nodes, and Select Child Node and none of them work with cameras. All cameras stay active no matter what. Multi-camera doesn’t have an option for it and it cannot be dynamically changed in the root node. The only work around i’ve found is by using a Render to Texture and Image 2d node for each camera and then using Select Child node to switch between them. This does not work very well because anything I want to be seen by the cameras has to be parented to every Render to Texture node (including PostFX), which is needlessly complicated.

There needs to be an option in the Multi Camera node that allows for this or a way to change it dynamically from the root node.

Hey Spencer exacute child node should work. Make sure in your root node you have selected current camera in order for for excute child node to work when connected to a camera.

Yes! that totally works! Thanks!!

I can’t get this setup to work. If anyone could pass on any additional info, that would be awesome.

I have selected in the Root node: ‘Current playing camera’

I the Node graph - Root > Executable child Node > Camera 1 / Camera 2

Is this looking for a value of 5/6 for the scene camera or a value of 0/1?

Much appreciated

Should work with 0 and 1. Make sure that you don’t have any other cameras outside of the select child node, and if there are any, make sure they are placed lower in the nodegraph than the ones in the select child node.

I just re-read this and realized you are using an Execute Child node and not a Select Child node! That is why its not working!

Thank you - I played with the select camera node previously and for the life of me could not get it to switch. Open a new scene and it worked perfectly today using your method.

Thanks so much for your response!