Select many cameras

I’m using more than 6 cameras in my layer. I can view the first cameras using the digit 6 to 9, but how do I select camera passed that?

You can can use select child node.

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I’m not sure if it’s what I need (or could you elaborate). Maybe I was not clear on my intention.
In the viewport, we can change the camera we’re looking through with 6-7-8-9 or 5 been orbit view. So it works for the first 4 cameras but for next cameras, how do I select them without disabling all the other cameras all the time.

If you can use render camera (hit 0) then you can choose more then between 4 cameras using select child node. Also you can use tweeting null. In that case you can use only one camera and nulls to set positions. Then you can switch between cameras with smooth.

Thanks for the tip, it works.
I did not mention I am using multicamera, in that case I think the tip doesn’t work. My goal is to be able to easily “solo” each camera routed in the muticamera without having to unbind the objects all the time.

Ok just found another way to select he active camera in the viewport, I can select the current camera I want to view in the properties of the root.

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