Layer precomp for cameras

Hi! I want to do a previsualization of a 4 camera rig in another layer with image planes… So far i’ve been doing this with the node Layer Precomp and duplicating the layer with the main composition and switching the camera views, but i was wondering that maybe there is a way to call just the camera view instead of a whole layer? It is because every time i make changes on the main comp i have to duplicate everything all over again.

I wouldn’t go with multiple layer pre comps, there’s a lot of limitations there as you are mentioning.

The go to workflow for this is to use multiple render to texture nodes with unique cameras attached, and place your scene under a single null so all the content is replicated for each render to texture. check out the attached project.
MultiCameraImage2DRenderToTexture.dfx (35.5 KB)

– Ryan

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