Same camera across different layers

Hi everyone!
I’m wondering if there is a way to have the same camera view synchronized on multiple layers. So you can separate a 3d scene into different layers and navigate them consistently.
This would allow to have a kind of clean versioning system. Being able even to import layers from other projects without the need to deleting and copying tons of nodes inside the same layer.
For instance, having a 3D enviroment setup in one layer and different versions of action on other layers.
Thanks in advance :slightly_smiling_face:

Proxy camera is what you looking for.

Definitely yes!
I had already noticed that camera but never focused on his usage. Now that I pass my mouse pointer over his pins and i read the tips, everything is clear! Of course.

Select Child Node and Select Input Node are also your friends when you want to have multiple versions/options within your scene. Don’t be afraid to group complex graphs and switch between them with the Select Child Node, and Remember you can group all your input options and the select input node and have whatever the input node feeds into outside the group, along with an envelope (for example, or another modifier of course) outside the group that you use to switch between inputs. Just rig them all up and then group the stuff in the middle, if you need to keep your graph clean…