Select input node?

Hey all, I’ve been digging into some of the logic nodes, and I was hoping to use the “select input node” to select between camera targets by plugging all targets into the input and plugging the output into the target of a camera. doesn’t seem to work at all. Am I missing a step or is this not what this node is for? or is there a totally different approach that I’m overlooking
I simply want to hit a button and the camera pans over to a selected object.

Hey There,

The Select Input node is designed to switch between meshes, materials and images / video, so using it with cameras is a non starter I think.

I would use the Tweening Null instead, this node is designed for switching between positions in 3d space, and can smooth the motion to if you need it.



Thanks Ryan, worked perfectly. I’m always forgetting about the tweening null node

Kevin Spinner

Hey all!

The input node selector, does not work (directly, does not allow me to connect it) to switch between materials when I do it on imported models such as a .fbx.

However, in the native 3D shapes of Notch it does let me connect it and it works without problems …

Has anyone come across this problem and any ideas on how to fix it?



Have you expanded the imported scene (the little arrow pointing down from the node) and attached the selector directly to the object material input?